Orientation Training Summer 2021: Focusing on First Year Students

Focusing on First-Year Student Orientation: Summer 2021

As the advising community ramps up for another busy summer, the Advising Training Work Group is planning our annual training to help prepare advisors for new student orientationThis year’s virtual session focusing on first-year students will cover need-to-know topics, such as:

  • Updates from the Orientation & Transition Experiences Program 
  • Retention Initiatives Highlights (e.g. student success team, APLUS tagging, etc.)
  • Course Placement/Access: Featuring Chemistry, Math, Second Languages, Liberal Education/Advanced Placement, and International Student Course Access

Zoom webinar information:

    RSVP Requested

    Please submit your registration plans. In addition, you are encouraged to submit questions for presenters ahead of time using the RSVP form.

    Potential learning areas from the Core Advising Skills & Methods:

    • Build relationships and apply connections
    • Seek information and share knowledge
    • Use Technology to Execute Detail and Planning
    • Be Purposeful, Reflective, and Holistic

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    Event Date & Time
    June 3, 2021 - 9:00am to 11:00am

    Event Location

    Online via Zoom