Transferring Within the U of M

Transferring Colleges or Campuses within the Twin Cities Campus

One Stop has the Change of College and Change of Campus forms and information about application deadlines for students wishing to transfer from one U of M college/campus to another.

The Center for Academic Planning & Exploration (CAPE) also has information for students exploring Transferring Within the U that include contact information for each college’s Transfer Specialist, admission requirements, and admission statistics for each college. CAPE also has great resources for advisors who are working with students who are still exploring majors.

Intra University Transfer (IUT) Student Checklist

Students transferring to the Twin CIties campus from another U of M system campus can sometimes have a unique to-do list before they are ready to enroll on the Twin Cities campus. See the Guide for Changing your U of M Campus to help facilitate this process.

Note: A delay in completing the required financial aid exit counseling can lead to a registration hold from the previous U of M campus on a student’s record. If you are working with any prospective or new IUT transfer students remind them to complete this very important step as soon as possible.

Applying for Dual Degree, Double Major, or Multi Institutional Enrollment.

Students wishing to add a second degree or second major outside of their home college should fill out the  Additional Undergraduate Degree Program Application form.

Students can temporarily enroll at another U of M campus while maintaining their enrollment at the Twin Cities campus and are referred to as multi-institutional students. Students considering this option should fill out the Application to Register at Multiple University of Minnesota Campuses (not the Change of College/Campus form).