Academic Risk Situations

Students who are at risk for academic probation due to personal, financial, or academic reasons

Group of students laying in a circle

Tips for Advising

Students may experience at risk situations at several points throughout their academic career: when transitioning into college, when moving through challenging coursework, or when trying to balance a very full plate of class, work, and home responsibilities.

It is important to reassure students who are at risk academically that it is possible to bounce back and reach a level of academic success. 

The Solution

Student Academic Success Services (SASS) was created to promote academic success at the University of Minnesota.  Staff work with students in balance and skill development areas that impact academic performance through Academic Success Courses and Academic Skills Coaching.

SASS has identified 5 Core Factors for academic success: Active Learning, Self Awareness, Study Skills, Life Balance, and Student Engagement. These factors are integrated into each service offered and work to promote greater efficiency and effectiveness.

NOTE: SASS staff are available to facilitate advising staff training around SASS and/or working with academically at risk students.  Please contact our staff directly to request this training

Referring Students

Advisors are encouraged to refer students directly to SASS.  In general, students who are a “good fit” for SASS are those that:

  • Need individualized planning around academic skills
  • Are at risk of being placed on academic probation or may find themselves at risk of not meeting grade requirements to be on good academic standing after being on probation
  • Are struggling with time management
  • Are unsure of effective study habits and techniques

Advisors can refer students to numerous SASS resources, including:

Knowing how essential it is to getting back on track with academic skills, we recommend connecting students to SASS as quickly as possible.  Students can be served immediately by connecting with our front desk in 340 Appleby Hall or calling our front desk (612) 624-3323.   If advisors would like to consult with a SASS staff member, you are invited to call our front desk and be connected to the coordinator.

Due to limited resources, SASS services are limited to a semester’s worth of meetings (about 16 sessions) for a student over their four years at UMN.  SASS coaching is not intended to be a weekly check-in for students, but rather a space to develop a plan where students are capable of holding themselves accountable.  SASS does meet with all fee-paying students and can meet with both undergraduate and graduate students.