Academic Advising Network (AAN)


About the Academic Advising Network

The University of Minnesota Academic Advising Network (AAN) is comprised of advisors and student services professionals from across the Twin Cities campus. AAN fosters opportunities for professional growth, personal development, and community building. AAN provides a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas and information regarding academic advising within the University community.

Learn how you can network and connect with the advising community on campus.


The AAN Board advocates for, communicates with, and empowers academic advisors and student services professionals across campus. The board facilitates opportunities that foster professional growth, personal development and community building that promotes an engaged and active advising community on campus.

Guiding Principles

We, as the AAN Board, value, encourage, and use the following as a framework in supporting the advising community on campus:

  • Collaboration - promote efficient and effective working relationships with campus partners
  • Diversity - provide support and initiatives that are inclusive of multiple identities and perspectives

The Academic Advising Network (AAN) Board is committed to providing support and initiatives that are inclusive of multiple identities and perspectives.

The AAN Board respects the diversity of advising and student services professionals across the vast array of intersections of identity, which includes but is not limited to age, race, nationality, socioeconomic status, faith, religion, ethnicity, ability/disability, gender identity, gender expression, and/or sexual orientation.

The AAN Board strives to offer programs and initiatives that are inclusive to these diverse identities and experiences by fostering a welcoming environment for our community members. It is important all participants feel respected as unique individuals and for their contributions to the university. We take responsibility for recognizing, confronting, and addressing bias and discrimination and diligently working for positive change in support of equity and diversity.

This statement includes adapted language from: UW Madison, NACADA, and CEHD.

  • Professionalism - advocate for the value the advising profession brings to the campus community
  • Fellowship - foster community through the development of connections, relationships, and networks
  • Innovation - encourage creative thinking, discovery, and intentionality to push advising boundaries
  • Accessibility - consider the needs of individuals in order to support engagement within the advising community