President's Emerging Scholars

PES students are selected based on a holistic review conducted by the Office of Admissions. Many are the first in their family to attend college, Pell Grant recipients, and students of color

Students jumping

Tips for Advising

At the annual fall conference, new first-year students are introduced to three major components of the PES curriculum: growth mindset, well-being, and goal setting + action planning. Peer mentors continue this curriculum over the course of the following two years with their students.

Advisors are encouraged to emphasize and touch on this curriculum as well.

  • Growth Mindset: Human qualities, such as academic abilities, intelligence, artistic talent, and interpersonal communication skills, can be developed through dedication and hard work. This mindset creates a love of learning and resilience that is essential for college life and beyond (Dweck, 2006).
  • Wellbeing: Students are complex human beings. As such, their holistic wellbeing is framed by the following six dimensions: academic, career, financial, physical & mental, social, and community (Rath & Harter, 2010).
  • Goal Setting + Action Planning: Thinking, writing, and talking about goals and goal-oriented action steps help students overcome obstacles and achieve. Mentors co-create these plans with their students and advocate for their realization.

Referring Students

If you or students have questions about the PES Program or scholarship, direct them to the PES Program Director, Steve Cisneros, at 612-626-7388 or [email protected].