Returning from Suspension

Students readmitting into the University after academic suspension

Group of students laying in a circle

Tips for Advising

Academic suspension is not an end to an educational experience but a pause designed to give students time to reassess goals and work through obstacles. A student is suspended from the university if at the end of the probation term, both the term and the cumulative GPA are below 2.0 or if the conditions of an academic contract are not fulfilled. When suspended, a student cannot register for any University courses for at least one full academic year. Students may appeal suspension decisions or petition for re-admission to their college via a defined collegiate petition process. The suspension policy is intended to give a student the time to address the issues that resulted in academic difficulty and to prevent further damage to the student's academic record while those issues are resolved.

To be re-admitted, a student must petition for readmission and show evidence of changes in circumstances that demonstrate that the student will succeed. Upon re-admission, students will be placed on probation with a hold on their account. Guidance on advising students on academic probation is available.

Referring Students

Students in academic difficulty should consider engaging with campus resources that can support their individual circumstances. Examples include but are not limited to services, such as: 

The GPA Calculator through One Stop can also help students determine how many credits and what kind of GPA is needed to meet their GPA objectives.