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New Advisors


Welcome to the University of Minnesota! 

As a new advisor at the University of Minnesota, you may be confronted with a significant amount of information to absorb. Your training plan will focus on both the general tools, policies, and resources of the campus as well as information specific to the protocols and procedures of individual offices. Getting to know the campus facilities along with the technical tools available to support advisors are included in most of the training plans. 

A campus-wide advisor training initiative is also available to cover information and key processes common to the full campus.  Information about training events are available in the Events tab. 


New Advisor Group

The New Advisor Group is an informal way to meet other new and new-ish advisors while learning more about the UMNTC campus. They meet monthly and their approach is to include both group discussion and connection time, in addition to visiting many of the offices across campus to which we often refer our students. Office visit examples include: Disability Resource Center, Student Counseling Services, Student Parent Help Center, Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence, and more!

Please contact Jake Rudy ( or Anna Mraz ( if you are a new advisor and would like to be added to the New Advisor Group. 


Below is an example of a typical training plan to bring academic advisors on board.  Supervisors should review, and consider what is necessary or most appropriate for the new advisor joining the staff.

Logistical Details

New Advising Training