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Department Advisors

Department advisors are an integral part of the campus advising community.  The work of advisors in academic departments focuses on upper-division students in a particular major(s). Supervision and work direction typically comes from the department head, director of undergraduate studies, or other administrative leaders in the department. Advisors in department settings are often a team of one, and also have department administrative tasks in their overall responsibilities. 

Training for Department Advisors

Advisors new to the University of Minnesota are confronted with a mass of information to absorb.  The departments are eager to get new advisors trained and ready to help students.  To accomplish that task, the various units have training plans to help advisors engage effectively as well as quickly.  Plans for training generally fall to the department head, director of undergraduate studies, department administrator, and hopefully well-documented information from predecessors.

New advisors need to focus both the general tools and work of the department and campus as well as information specific to the policies, protocols and procedures of the individual departments.  Getting to know the college and campus facilities along with the technical tools available to support advisors are included in most of the training plans.  A campus-wide advisor training initiative is also available to cover information and key processes common to the full campus.  

The schedule for campus advisor training events is posted on the Training and Events Calendar


Below is an example of a typical training plan to bring academic advisors on board: