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Advising Philosophy


Academic advising at the University of Minnesota is an educational partnership that encourages and supports students to be active and accountable in the creation and achievement of their academic, career, and personal development goals.

Excellent advising is defined as:

  • Relational - the advising relationship is at the center of excellent advising and is built upon mutual trust and respect that is developed over the span of each student’s undergraduate experience.
  • Accessible - Students are able to connect with an academic advisor in a timely manner for required developmental appointments, regular curricular planning, and urgent or crisis situations.
  • Holistic - Advising is student-centered, developmental, and learning-focused, incorporating a concern for the growth and needs of the whole student, beyond curricular planning.
  • Inclusive - Advising recognizes and supports the diverse backgrounds, interests, and needs of the University of Minnesota student body by establishing practices and relationships that are culturally relevant and effective at addressing barriers for students and communities facing social, cultural, economic, physical, and attitudinal barriers.
  • Intentional - Advising includes an educational and purposeful approach to help students plan, reflect, learn, and take action in ways that are appropriate to their individual and developmental needs.
  • Proactive - Utilizing technology and data analytics, advising incorporates timely outreach and targeted interventions to anticipate student challenges and support students in the pursuit of their educational goals.

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