Departmental Advisor Tasks

Departmental Advisor Tasks for On-Boarding

  1. FERPA Training
    The University has a tutorial that we are requesting all UMTC employees review and complete indicated by answering the short quiz at the end of the tutorial.  Completing the quiz will add FERPA training to the employee’s record.  It is highly recommended that employees add this to their training record by confirming the prompt at the end of the quiz
  2. Data privacy/security training.
  3. Set up meetings with key contacts in student services. 
    1. Possible college Student Services Staff to meet with include:
      1. Career Services
      2. Special/unique programs
      3. All undergraduate advisors
      4. High school and transfer admissions staff
      5. University Honors Program (UHP): Meet with the honors program liaison to learn about UHP
    2. Topics to cover can include the following items along with additional topics outlined for specific staff to cover throughout this training plan:
      1. Learning work scope of staff
      2. How you will be working together
      3. Wisdom or advice on best practices for working together
      4. Your favorite and most challenging parts of your work
      5. Items listed in unit’s training plan
  4. ULearn course, Academic Advising, Career Development, and Student Support Services Training and Development Resources