Any student from any college who is interested in attending law school

Tips for Advising this Population

The pre-law advising office (Erin Reichelt) works with any student from any college who is interested in attending law school. This could range from an undeclared freshman, up to an alum who graduated 5+ years ago. All prospective law students will eventually register on the Law School Admission Council ( where the application process for law school is housed, and where they will register to take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Prospective students will see a pre-law advisor based on their undergraduate institution, and all those who are current or former students from the U of M will find Erin Reichelt’s contact information.

A few notes about being “pre-law” at the University of Minnesota:

  • There are no prerequisite courses for law school. Law schools require that you have a bachelor’s degree, but will and do accept students from a wide variety of majors.
  • There is no preferred major that will make it easier to get accepted into a law school.
  • ALL undergraduate grades are calculated into a new GPA for admission to law school - including repeated courses, PSEO credits, College in Schools courses, and transfer courses. If a course is repeated, both grades will count equally.
  • There are a wide variety of courses dealing with law on campus. The most comprehensive list is available on the pre-law website.  None of these courses are required, but will help a student to know if they enjoy learning about law.

There is an extensive Pre-Law Advising website, and a printed Pre-Law Planning Guide available in 411 Bruininks Hall. If you would like copies of the guide for your office, please contact Erin at

Referring Students

Pre-Law Advisor, Erin Reichelt, M.S.

Career Counselor & Pre-Law Advisor

  • Office Location: 411 Bruininks Hall
  • Phone: 612-624-7577

To make a referral, please direct students to call the above number to schedule an appointment. Workshops are conducted each semester, and the “Should I Go to Law School?” workshop is a great place to start. Erin is also available to consult with advisors or attend advisor meetings to share more about pre-law advising.

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Further Resources

Student Groups


  • Upper Midwest Law Fair - Typically in November, hosted at one of the 3 local law schools
  • Careers in Law Fair - Typically the first Wednesday of March, in Wiley Atrium

Campus Partners

Off Campus Partners

Where to learn more about law school admissions

  • Law School Transparency - Information on career outcomes, admissions data, and financial aid for all law schools, including comparison tools and historical data
  • Law School Admission Council - All law school admissions go through this site. The LSAT is hosted by this organization.
  • Law School Numbers - Admissions information and also self-reported scholarship data from users - at many schools there is enough data to make some educated guesses about what their scholarship may look like given GPA/LSAT combinations.
  • National Association for Law Placement - Information on career outlook after law school
  • Michigan State University LSAT Prep Guide - Excellent chart of all the different LSAT prep resources at the end of this guide filled with tips and advice - updated each year.

Recommended Books
(all available in 411 Bruininks Hall to browse)