AAN Gopher Gram

AAN Gopher Gram

gopher gram

Want to thank another colleague for a job well done? Send them a Gopher Gram! This is a great opportunity for advising professionals across campus to create a community of care and recognition.

To recognize a colleague for their dedication to the university, their students, or the AAN Guiding principles:

  1. Please fill out a nomination form.
  2. The nominee will receive a physical Gopher Gram postcard via campus mail within one week of you filling out the form
  3. Both the nominator and the nominee will be entered in a drawing for a prize at the end of the semester.

This program will continue throughout the school year with Gopher Gram recipients getting recognized at the Tate Conference.

Questions? Email AAN Board Member, Frankie Massaroni at fmassaro@umn.edu.